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Around the Yankee Galaxy: Still one win to clinch

The magic number for the playoffs remains at one after A.J. Burnett stunk up the house and Boston beat the White Sox, 6-1.

  • Joe Girardi is "still evaluating" his rotation five games before the playoffs (probably) begin -

"Yeah, I expect to start," [Burnett] said. "I just want the ball. What Joe decides is what Joe decides."

"He's pitched a lot of big games for us," Girardi said of Burnett. "He didn't have his best stuff tonight, but that's going to happen."

"Physically, I think he's OK," Joe Girardi said. "I just think he's a little out of whack. But in saying that, you have to get him right."

[Dave] Eiland spotted a mechanical flaw on tape and worked with Rivera to correct it Monday. The issue is related to the way Rivera has been releasing the ball, with his fingers sliding off to the side a bit rather than staying on top of the ball. The Yankees believe that has been a factor in Rivera lacking his normally pinpoint location of late and his cutter lacking its usual bite.

  • Tampa's David Price is upset that more fans aren't attending Rays games, especially when they're on the verge of clinching a playoff spot. Only 12,446 attended last night's 4-0 loss to the O's. (Price later apologized.)