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Yankees Walk Off...Literally

This game could be described best by two words. Roller Coaster. That practically says it all. The Yankees were down thanks to a great performance by Daisuke Matsuzaka, but Alex Rodriguez hit a two run home run to give the Yankees a 2-1 lead late.

The Red Sox scored two runs off Mariano Rivera thanks to a few hits and stolen bases, and the Yankees returned the favor with a run off of Papelbon.

The Yankees got the bases loaded in the bottom of the 10th and finished the Red Sox off with a walk off walk thanks to Hideki Okajima (the pitcher) and Juan Miranda (the batter)

What a game, sloppy throughout, especially the 9th, but the Yankees are now a half game out of the division, and their magic number is at 1.

Comments of the Game: Monotonous Blob and nyyrocks29

To everyone who still thinks the Yankees are collapsing and will not make the playoffs...wagon.