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Monday Morning Links: Awards, Former And Current Managers, And Much More

-Paul White thinks Robinson Cano has a better shot at MVP than CC Sabathia does at the Cy Young award. I, for one, do not believe either of them should win the awards. I have Josh Hamilton winning MVP and David Price/Felix Hernandez winning Cy Young. Why? For MVP I would never vote for a player on a team that didn't make the playoffs. For Cy Young I narrowed it down to those two and couldn't decide. I'll decide by the end of the season.

-Bill Madden opines that Joe Torre should retire at the end of the season for real and not consider other jobs.

-Chad Jennings looks at whether or not Joe Girardi's "strategy" is actually working.

-Ronald Monestime writes that the Yankees' bringing Tony Dungy into speak reeks of desperation. I think that it is pretty funny that he wrote that. Dungy was brought in because it was the first chance that he had with his schedule. He was almost brought in many times before, but he had to cancel.

-Dan Le Batard pens a piece about Derek Jeter and his off season. Who hasn't written about this at this point?

-Lisa Swan criticizes Bob Klapisch's latest article.