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Football Open Thread

Talk football here for the entire day! When we put up the game thread please keep football comments here and game comments in the game thread! This will be open until all the football games end. For what it's worth here are my picks for pickem football: (Numbers are confidence points, most means I am most confident about that team winning)

16- Ravens over Browns

15- Patriots over Bills

14- Giants over Titans

13- Colts over Broncos

12- Vikings over Lions

11- Chiefs over 49ers

10- Packers over Bears

9- Eagels over Jaguars

8- Chargers over Seahawks

7- Bengals over Panthers

6- Redskins over Rams

5- Cardinals over Raiders

4- Bucaneers over Steelers

3- Texans over Cowboys

2- Dolphins over Jets

1- Falcons over Saints