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Review Of "The House Of Steinbrenner" 30 For 30

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When checking the DVR for what to watch this morning, I noticed "The House Of Steinbrenner." With an hour to kill I decided to watch it.

The film was oddly put together, as director/producer Barbara Kopple often lost sight of her own goal within the film. To portray the Steinbrenners and Yankees tradition in film form.

Kopple bounced around from idea to idea, going from the Old Yankee Stadium memories, to opinions of the new Yankee Stadium, to historic former and current Yankees, to random fans.

Many of the people interviewed by Kopple sounded uncomfortable and forced into speaking. Kopple herself had possibly the most annoying voice ever, and spoke often during the film as an interviewer.

The film had another flaw in that it never gave one true opinion on Steinbrenner. Throughout the film he was portrayed as giving, ruthless, emotional, unpatient, among others. Those adjectives do not fit together.

The film was awkward at many points, as Hal Steinbrenner seemed to not want to speak to Kopple and seemed annoyed by the whole situation. His failed attempts at making jokes were not edited out, they were included at random points in the film.

Kopple promoted herself as much as the Yankees and Steinbrenners and just made herself look worse. The 30 for 30 was dissaponting, but I do suggest watching it. Despite the confusing set-up of the film, it does include highlights from the Old Yankee Stadium, and highlights of The Boss. I give it a 4 out of 10.