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Another Random Assortment Of Thoughts

The Yankees are now a half game ahead of the Rays, with nine games left to play for the Yankees. The Yankees finish off with three at home against Boston, three in Toronto, and another three against Boston, this time at Fenway. The Rays finish off with three vs. the Mariners at home, three vs. the Orioles at home, and four at Kansas City. The Rays own the tie-breaker, so the Yankees cannot tie the Rays and win the division.

Here are some assorted thoughts in your favorite Brandon C. organized fashion. Bullet points!

-If Joe Girardi was to leave after this season, I would be one of the few that actually understand the decision. In case you didn't know, Girardi's father, Jerry, lives in Peoria, Illinois. Jerry is suffering with Alzheimer's. Joe would get to spend more time with his father, and that's something you can't blame him for considering. This is an old, but well written piece on the situation.

-Speaking of Girardi, time to criticize him. Girardi didn't use Kerry Wood in Wednesday's game because he wanted to use Wood specifically for the 8th inning. After Gaudin gave up two runs he decided it was pointless to use Wood at all. Last night? Wood needed work, so he warmed up and didn't enter the game. Why not use Wood in the 7th? Is that not in your "book?"

-Last bullpen note for now, why can't you use a pitcher who usually pitches in the set-up role in any inning? Are there specific rules for each inning? Anyone remember this game? David Robertson came in in the third inning and was quite effective. The Yankees won that game. Innings rules are as effective as Chad Gaudin and as pointless as using Chad Gaudin in a game.

More random notes and opinions after the jump:

-While each Yankee has gone through struggles at some point this season, none have gone less noticed than Brett Gardner's. Gardner was hitting .295 going into August and .286 going into September. Now, Gardner is at .277. Gardner is 7 for his last 38 with 2 RBI's. Gardner will find ways to get on base, but in the playoffs I'd like to see him hit first. He can't hit first if he doesn't get hits. Let's not go back to platoon with Melky Gardner, let's stick with 2010 Gardner.

-Javier Vazquez should not be on the playoff roster, same goes for Chad Gaudin. No explanation even necessary.

-I've said this before and I'll say it again. Come playoff time I would prefer to see the Twins in the first round, but if that means tanking the division it doesn't matter that much. The Twins are an easier team to face than the Rangers for the Yankees and I wouldn't be too shocked to see a Rays-Rangers playoff series be compelling stuff. Price vs. Lee? I'll watch.

-Been wondering why there is no fantasy hockey? There's no need to fear, Brandon C. is here! PA league info: ID#: 58428 Password: Hockey. Feel free to make your team name whatever you'd like.