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Bomber Links: Cold Tex

Elvis has left the building.
Elvis has left the building.

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So, who remembers Bomber Links: Hot Tex?  Consider this it's evil twin.  I wrote that post on September 3rd, and since then, some nagging injuries have really taken the magic out of Tex's bat.  From the date of Bomber Links: Hot Tex until now (not counting last night's game, I pre-write these things, throw me a bone here), here is how Tex has been:

.123/.265/.123, 0 XBH.

If you just said "what does XBH stand for, because there's no way it's extra base hits," then I must apologize and be the bearer of bad news.  Mark Teixeira has no extra base hits since September 3rd.  Considering the way he was absolutely mashing before then, I think we can attribute this slump to nagging injuries.  Tex needs rest, and if we're going to trot out Chad Gaudin, Royce Ring, Dustin Moseley, and Jonathan Albaladejo, can't we put in Juan Miranda for Tex?

Conveniently for Tex and the Yankees, some other guys have picked up the slack.  Most noticably, Lance Berkman and Curtis Granderson.  Since the 11th, here's how those guys have been hitting:

Greyhound Bus: .279/.392/.605, 4 HR
Elvis: .314/.429/.429, 1 HR

 Let's hope they can keep it up, and that Tex can recover in time for when the games really count.

David Robertson is a little banged up and had a precautionary MRI after experiencing back spasms.  He is listed as day-to-day, but you'll have to think that he will be treated wtih kid gloves going down the stretch.  Get better, D-Rob, we need you.

[And so, of course, last night, Tex has an extra base hit, Grandy goes 0-fer, and Berkman doesn't play.  Don't tell me, I already know]