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Around The Yankees Galaxy 9/23/10

In case you haven't heard, the Boss's plaque is big.  Really big.   If you laid it down on the floor in one of the smaller rooms in your house, there wouldn't be much space left for anything else.  And some people are upset about this.  I'm not one of them. 

Look, we all have some degree of ego, and if my father was the most influential owner of the biggest sports franchise on the planet (sorry Cowboys and Manchester United), I'd probably build something just as big.  And if you're arguing for equal sized plaques for everyone, answer me this: does Bill Dickey really deserve the same sized plaque as Babe Ruth?  Does Colonol Jacob Ruppert really deserve the same sized plaque as George Steinbrenner?  While we're at it, why not bump George Washington from the dollar bill in favor of Millard Fillmore?  He was a president too.

Some people simply make more of an impact than others, and we recognize this all the time.  Sometimes, it's a case of being in the right place at the right time, but for the Yankees, who play in the biggest media market on earth and have the most storied tradition in baseball, if not in sports entirely, it's the perfect storm.   Baseball fans in Milwaukee or Cleveland will recognize greatness, but do it in New York, and there's a good chance that my mother, who has no interest in sports whatsoever, will probably recognize your name.  That's just how it works. 

So enjoy all 35 square feet of the Boss's plaque.  It's as big as it should be.

  • It looks like Derek Jeter's work with Kevin Long has produced some changes - namely, more line drives and fewer groundballs.  I just wish they would have done this 3 months ago.