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Around the Yankee Galaxy: Plaques, Selig, Torre and Mattingly

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A minor plaque was unveiled in Monument Park in honor of George Steinbrenner last night. The best part was seeing Mariano stay an extra minute just looking at The Boss. You could tell, just from that, how much George meant to him.

Asked about the possibility of instant replay, Selig said most baseball people he had talked to were opposed. "I'm always open to discussion," he said, adding that he brought up the topic recently with his special committee of managers, executives and others. "I don't get the feeling there's a lot of support for it. I'm willing to consider it, but it's a complicated subject."

He went on to mention he didn't want to mess up the 'pace' of the game. I was talking to the TV at that point, saying something like: "Oh, right, because baseball is such a quick-paced, fast game that a 30-second break would totally disrupt the action." Baseball has natural breaks built in. It's a pastoral, slow-paced game. In my mind, replay would fit right in.

  • Joe Torre and Don Mattingly saw the new Yankee Stadium for the first time last night -

Torre and Mattingly received the loudest cheers when they appeared on the video board.

"You knew they were going to react like that," Andy Pettitte said. "These fans know what they've meant to this organization no matter, you know, what has gone on over the last few years. Their marks are stamped in Yankee history, and that won't be changed."

It was great seeing those guys again. Whatever bitterness emerged regarding them, they meant so much to Yankee history that I'll always have fond feelings for them.

  • With Mattingly set to take the Dodgers' reins next year, what if Joe Girardi left for the Cubs and Tony Pena went to the Marlins, who would manage the Yankees? Willie Randolph? (Joe Torre?)