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Monday Morning Links: Showalter, Torre, And Other Former Yankees Names

Let's get right to the links. There are a lot today!

-Buck Showalter understands Joe Girardi's anger towards Jeremy Guthrie. Girardi is angry that Guthrie continues to plunk many Yankees.

-Ben Shpigel reports that Joe Torre and Don Mattingly may return to Yankee Stadium tomorrow for the first time since they left for L.A. Personally, I think it would be a nice thing for the two to do. Hopefully it doesn't take away from the real meaning of the event, which is to honor The Boss.

-Mike Vaccaro believes that other New York owners should take notes on George Steinbrenners ownership style. I, for one, completely agree.

-Vlad Kershner likens Derek Jeter to Michael Jordan in yet another article about the Jeter hit by a pitch or not non story.

-Moshe Mandel looks at whether or not the Yankees will pursue Yu Darvish. I agree that the only ways the Yankees go after Darvish are if Pettitte retires or if they choose not to pursue Lee (or he signs elsewhere.)

-Jim Mandelaro reports that the Yankees' first round draft pick, Cito Culver, has received the key to the city in Rochester.

-Mike Lupica believes the Yankees should go after the division, and not settle for the wild card.

-Yahoo Answers features an interesting question from a Red Sox fan.