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Yankees Sweep, Sabathia Feasts

See where I'm going with this?
See where I'm going with this?

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CC Sabathia8 innings of 1 hit ball.  He was excellent.  Curtis Granderson.  Two home runs (once off of a lefty).  He was also excellent.  The Corpulant Chap and the Journeyman would be all the Yankees would need to finish off the sweep on this Joe West approved afternoon game.

Other than an early Jorge Posada home run, the Yankees bats were somewhat stymied by our old friend, Dallas Braden.  However, the offense was able to sink their teeth into the A's bullpen and give Sabathia some more breathing room in the late innings.

4 wins is an excellent way to start off this home stand, and we welcome in the Blue Jays with another afternoon game tomorrow.

Play Of The Game - Grandy's first tater.

Comment Of The Game - Jedi Master A-Rod.  That CD cover still gets me every time.