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A-Rod 4, Orioles 3: Ignore Everything I Just Said

We lost.

We lost again.  The 9th loss in 11 games.  I don't care that there was a winning streak before that, that we're still in the midst of a division race at a time of year when 18 teams around baseball either have been eliminated or their elimination numbers are in the single digits.

The bases were loaded in the second, and Cervelli and Jeter couldn't get the big hit.  Runners on first and second in the 7th and the 8th, and Tex, Swish, and GGBG all did nothing.  Baserunners nearly every inning.  Ultimately, nothing to show for it.

Only great defense kept it as close as it seemed.

It's time to drop Jeter in the lineup, and to stop giving ABs to automatic outs like Cervelli.  Even if it's only for one game, I want to see Joe G. do something to remind this team that nothing is sewn up yet.  We've got three weeks to put it all together.

I am just about done with this team.

Jorge Posada worked the best AB of the night in the top of the 9th, a ten pitch single to lead off the inning.  Jeter struck out on 3 pitches.  Granderson singled on Uehara's 16th pitch.  Tex popped out on the 19th pitch of the inning.  On Arod's fifth pitch, on a 2-2 count, the Centaur drove his 25th homer of the season deep into the seats in left field.

Mariano is as Mariano does.  Yankees win.

Comment of the Game: lolol identified all the good and bad of tonight's game in a single sentence.  Arod, and only Arod, is in playoff form. 

Honorable mention goes to this little video from Scooby Snacks.  Good effort, sir.

The Rays lost, and the Red Sox are losing.  Happy Friday!

Play of the Game: I'll give you a hint, it increased the Yankees' chances of winning by 70.9%.  And it was a hit by a centaur.