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Yankees 3, Rays 4 - Oh Boy

Baseball is funny sometimes.  Tonight was one of those nights. The Yankees had 10 hits, and 4 walks, and scored 3 runs.  The Rays had 6 hits, and 0 walks (that's less than half the number of baserunners), and scratched out 4 runs. 

Game over. 

I was actually satisfied with Phil Hughes' performance tonight.  If it wasn't for the last pitch he threw - a 2-run homer by Dan Johnson - we'd all be talking about how he was playoff ready.  Joba also pitched well in relief.  So there's some reason to be optimistic.  

But man, what a bummer.  Three one run games, two losses, and while last night's play at third was exciting, don't forget that it was the tying run in scoring position who foolishly ran into the third out.  When people say a short series is a crapshoot, they're absolutely right. 

Play Of The Game: Curtis Granderson's 2-run homer in the top of 7th increased the Yankees chances of winning by 34%....until Dan Johnson's 2-run shot in the bottom of the 7th increased the Rays' chances by 43%.

Quote Of The Game: goes to lololol:

aren't Rays due to get no hit again? haven’t had one this entire month

I wish.  I friggin' wish.