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Yankees 8, Rays 7: Sweet Revenge

"Ahh, first place."
"Ahh, first place."

For the first 4 innings of this game, the Yankees looked like a juggernaut again.  Jeter walked and hit, Arod homered, Cano homered.  Ivan Nova was pitching a one hit shutout.

And then in the bottom of the 5th, Ivan Nova fell apart.  Give the Rays credit- they hadn't seen Nova before, and with each AB they got a better and better look.

Joe Girardi made a questionable call, but this time I support him.  With 2 outs in the fifth, Nova was in some trouble.  With a large lead Girardi left him in to give him a shot at the win.  Nova gave up a walk and a single, and the lead wasn't so large any more.  I think with a big lead, it's good to show some confidence in the rookie.

Joe brought in Boone Logan with a 2 run lead, another move I support- it played the matchup and the lead was now in danger.  But Logan gave up the gopher ball on the first pitch.  Don't confuse the process with the result, but Yankees down one.

In the next half inning, Cano brought home Curtis Granderson on a double, but although the Yankees would load the bases they wouldn't take the lead.

Let's pause at this point to again recognize our incredible bullpen.  Logan recovered from the homer to pitch a hitless 6th inning.  Joba pitched a hitless 7th with 2Ks.  Kerry Wood walked a batter, but struck out two in a scoreless 8th.  D-Rob pitched a 1-2-3 9th (but only 1K, the slacker).

Helping out D-Rob, in the bottom of the ninth, Curtis Granderson made the play of month breaking to his left and laying out to turn a sure double into the third out of the inning.

Top of the tenth, Jorge Posada hit one of the longest homers I've ever seen, onto the roof of the restaurant in center field.

The bottom of the tenth was an adventure for the Great Rivera.  After the first 20 innings of this series, and after the Yanks' series in Texas, would you expect anything less?

Crawford hit a leadoff single.  Stole second with one out.  He probably should have been on second already on Longoria's long, long flyball to center that was the first out.  Matt Joyce flew out to Greg Golson in RF; Crawford got thrown out at third to end the game on an incredible throw from Greg Golson.


I'm glad we get to rest before playing tomorrow- my heart can't take much more excitement.

Comment of the Game: So many to choose from.  I haven't picked a picture in a while, so let's go with Nine Inch Nails.

Play of the Game: On a normal day, Greg Golson would get the nod- his put out and assist to nail Crawford at third to end the game cut the Rays' chances of winning by 29.3%.  But today was not a normal day, and even Jorge Posada's mighty drive was not the top play (32.8%).  Instead, Willy Aybar's 3 run shot gets the nod (37.6%).