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Heartbreak Part Two

Mood Music - Tom Sawyer by Rush

Wait, you mean other teams are allowed to score runs off of our bullpen?  When did they change that rule?

I said that.  Yesterday, in fact.  This is getting somewhat old.

Stop me if you've heard this one before:  The Yankees knock the starter out of the game early, and have lots of chances to score runs, but don't.  The Yankees normally reliable relievers aren't reliable, and Chad Gaudin is synonymous with defeat.

This time, it was the most reliable relief pitcher of all time, Mariano Rivera, that gave it up in the 9th inning on a walk off hit by pitch jersey tickling.  Mariano threw two innings in last night's extra inning bonanza, and wasn't his usual sharp self.  His control was off, and he was leaving the majority of his pitches up in the zone, always a sign of fatigue.

Mo's rocky performance eliminated what appeared to be the Yankees finally breaking through with a big hit, as Alex Rodriguez had just given us the lead with a bases clearing double.

Here's hoping that we go out and demolish Cliff Lee so hard the next contract that he signs is with a minor league team.

Comment Of The Game - OTRWaldo.  I'd buy it.

Play Of The Game - The walk off.  Again.