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Truths & Myths With Mike Ashmore

With many minor league stories swirling around about how to handle a pitcher, a prized prospect, any given situation, some clarification is necessary. For that, Mike Ashmore of the must read Thunder Thoughts and twitter account has the answers. Enjoy!

Truth or myth: If prospect hitters (such as Jesus Montero, for example) is called up in September and rides the bench and plays once in a while, rather than playing every day in AAA, it will hurt his development.

Somewhere in between.  But it doesn't help his development, in all likelihood.  Specifically with Montero, having a 20-year-old guy sitting would do much more harm than good...but with a 25-26-27-year-old, it might not be so bad because there's only so much more developing they're going to do anyway.

Truth or myth: If prospect pitchers pitch as many innings as MLB pitchers they will hurt their arms permanently.

Again, somewhere in can't just make a blanket statement with this, because every arm is different.  The Nationals took absolutely every possible precaution with Stephen Strasburg they could, and he still fell apart.

Truth or myth: When MLB players rehab in the minors, minor leaguers love it.

Mostly truth...the guys get a nice spread at some point, and can use the opportunity to learn from a veteran guy who's shown he has what it takes to get to the show.  The guy who would not love it, however, is the one whose spot said big leaguer is taking...

Truth or myth: Top prospects are handled much more cautiously than regular minor leaguers.

That's a fact.  Makes all the sense in the world too.  Why would you not protect your investment?

Truth or myth: AA is the deciding level for a minor leaguers career.

Mainly a myth in my opinion.  Double-A is generally "where the prospects are," but I've always put more stock into what guys do against a more veteran pitching staff like you'll see in Triple-A, as that is a slightly better comparison to what they'll see in the big leagues if they get that far.

Truth or mythPat Venditte was called up to Trenton later than he should have been.

Truth based on numbers.  The upper levels of the system were pretty well stocked with solid relievers, so it was tough to find a spot for him...but realistically, his numbers should have earned him a call-up long before he actually got it.

Thanks again Mike and everyone make sure to read his work!