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Around The Yankees Galaxy - 09/11/2010

So, Brian Cashman said something that was pretty surprising about the postseason pitching staff and nobody has mentioned it yet.

Aside from CC, nothing is guaranteed for anyone. Some guys who are starters now may wind up pitching out of the bullpen. We'll make that determination based on how well they perform down the stretch for us.

That's my man! Bold. Not afraid to go out on a limb and tell it like it is.

If you want to take a minute to read between the lines, what this really means is that this is AJ Burnett's time to put up or shut up. Andy Pettitte will be in the rotation (assuming he's healthy), as will Phil Hughes, if only for lack of better options.

As much as I don't like the idea of "earning your spot" because it places too much emphasis on the results of a handful of starts (and we all know that results don't always equal innately good/bad performance), I dislike even more being continually frustrated by Burnett.

It's a shame, but let the poll speak for itself.

  • The Post has some insight on the remaining portion of the Yankees season:
  • ..(A)cross the Yankees' last 22 games, only three will come against a losing team...(a)nd the Yankees are exactly 34-32 against teams with winning records this year...So in many ways, these next 22 games in 24 days will serve as the ideal launching pad for what lies beyond for the Yankees.

  • Here's how the Baseball Hall of Fame handles PEDs. And I don't think they could have done a better job.