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Bomber Links: Beating the 600 Drum

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Well, if you take a trip around the GoogleBox for news about our beloved New York Yankees, a certain four legged creature hitting a certain home run is still dominating the headlines.  One of the many to weigh in was Alex's teammate, Curtis Granderson in his latest edition of 'The Grandstand'.  Quoth Curtis:

I think it's easier for people to get caught up and judge people based on what they see on SportsCenter, or read on Page 6 or even here on Big League Stew, but just remember that you don't always get the whole story that way. I've had a lot of teammates in my career when you consider my time in the minor leagues, in Detroit and here in New York. But there is no doubt that Alex Rodriguez is one of the best teammates I've ever had.

Class.  The Grandy Man can.

Bill Chuck of the New York Times shares 13 facts about number 13, detailing some interesting tidbits and numbers in A-Rod's prolific home run journey.  My favorite:

He has hit two homers on 3-0 counts and 21 on 0-2 counts.

Say what you will about A-Rod, but I think it would be hard not to admit that he handled the moment better than another Yankee Legend upon reaching the 600 HR milestone. 

More links after the jump, and I promise that not all of them will be A-Rodian.

Steve Henn of Bleacher Report  offers his thoughts on the State of the Yankees with their upcoming series against the Red Sox.  The tone? Optimistic.

Regardless of the outcome of the series, the Yankees have ensured themselves that they will remain on top of the Red Sox in the standings with the big win yesterday.

And the Yankees are primed to do such damage to Boston.  With Mark Teixeira swinging a hot bat, and with the pressure of 600 off of Alex Rodriguez, look for the big guys to have a big say this series.

Let's hope he's right.  The 600 chase didn't seem to deflate only A-Rod, but the entire offense, so hopefully they are ready to break out.  But, now that 600 is behind us, the next important milestone will most likely be reached by Derek Jeter, as he tries to be the first Yankee to record 3,000 hits. 

Flip Bondy of the NY Daily News offered his take on Jeter approaching the milestone, part of which I block-quoted for you below:

He doesn't like to talk about these things. Jeter is about the five rings and the remarkable record, 1,343-888-2, in games he's played for the Yanks. There was that big, uncomfortable fuss with Jeter when he reached 2,722 hits, one more than Lou Gehrig, and he talked with Rodriguez about that, too.

Oh, and Kevin Youkilis is out for the season.  I know there is a gloating feeling of smugness when misfortune strikes the Red Sox, but this isn't something I'm happy about.  And it's not even that I wouldn't wish injury on someone, it's that I want to beat a fully healthy Red Sox team without any excuses.  I want clear proof that the Yankees are a superior team, and with Youk on the shelf, that's not going to happen.