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Yankees Awards Through August

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It's an off day today, so I figured I'd throw in this piece about the Yankees' awards so far this season. Feel free to comment about whether or not you agree, whether or not I'm sane, etc. Let's dive right in.

Babe Ruth MVP Award: So far, in a close race, the winner is Robinson Cano. Cano wins thanks to his overall stats, (.325/.381/.564) but also thanks to his unbelievable improvement in hitting in clutch situations. In 2009 Cano hit .207 with runners in scoring position. In 2010? .313. Oh, and the .545 batting average with bases loaded isn't too bad either. Runner up: Nick Swisher.

Whitey Ford Award: Awarded to the best starting pitcher on the Yankees so far this season. The winner is CC Sabathia. CC was 4-3 with a 4.16 ERA going into June. Now he is 13-5 with a 3.19 ERA in August. Enough said. Andy Pettitte is a close runner up.

Mariano Rivera Award: Best non Rivera relief pitcher on the Yankees this season. This one obviously goes to Chad Gaudin! Seriously, it goes to David Robertson. Robertson looked awful through May, sporting a 7.31 ERA. Now Robertson has been lights out, not giving up a hit in his last 5.1 innings. Robertson currently has a 4.19 ERA. Runner up: Is anyone even worthy? Give it to Francisco Cervelli.

Carl Pavano Injury Man Award: Nick Johnson, you are the winner! Runner up: Alfredo Aceves. Oh, how I miss Alfredo.

Aaron Small Surprise Award: While I didn't find it a surprise, most would give this one to Brett Gardner. Me and McDaniel were the main two in support of Gardner. I always have and always will support Gardner-Granderson-Swisher outfield for the Yankees. Runner up: Did anyone predict Andy Pettitte would be THIS good?

Underappreciated Trade Award: Melky Cabrera, Arodys Vizcaino, and Mike Dunn for Javier Vazquez and Boone Logan. Logan has pitched some important innings lately and has thrived in the lefty specialist role. Vazquez has been very impressive following his disaster of an April. Runner up: I still like swapping money for Babe Ruth!

Francisco Cervelli Award: Just because I fear the wrath of Cervelli, he wins his own award!

Finally, to the players that didn't win awards. Step it up in the last two months! I for one, would really like to see Granderson heat up like it looked like he was going to last week. Alex Rodriguez has hit his 600th home run. Now time to hit lots more. Joba Chamberlain is out of his exclusive 8th inning role. Win it back.