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Yankees 5, Blue Jays 1: 600 for A-Rod

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In case you didn't hear, some guy hit some home run....

A-Rod saved his 600th home run for Yankee Stadium, launching it today in the first inning against Shawn Marcum.  You can pretty much pencil him in for the "youngest" at every home run category going forward. 

Phil Hughes put up his best start in a month, and Joba Chamberlain managed his 4th consecutive scoreless outing.  I'm sure somebody will say shortly that the Kerry Wood trade jolted him back on track; I don't buy it, but he's pitching well, so that's all that matters.

Play Of The Game: You guessed it - no. 600 increased the Yankees chances of winning by nearly 18%.

Quote Of The Game: Goes to Yt crooks:

Sean Marcum, welcome to a life of infamy…