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Yankees' All-Time 25 Man Roster: Catchers

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This post gave me an idea. Who would Yankees fans put on a 25 man roster of the all-time Yankees? Who would make it as the speedster off the bench? Who would be the ace of the rotation? Who would be the two catchers that make the roster? Well, you can vote for the two catchers now.

Voting only allows you to pick one player, but the top two vote getters will make the roster. (top vote getter starter) Voting starts at 11:00 PM tonight and ends at 11:00 PM tomorrow night, when the next position comes. Eventually, by mid-September you can expect a full 25-man roster!

The goal is to not only spark some discussion, but also to see which famous Yankees do and do not make the cut. This will open some eyes as to how amazing the Yankees' history actually is. Hopefully you all like it! If I forget any names make sure to let me know, I'll add them to the poll.