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A Wide Variety Of Yankees Related Thoughts

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Before I start this post I want to thank the other writers for taking over my duties (yes I said duties, no laughing Edgware) while I was away.

Anyway, I couldn't leave you guys without any of my usual Monday awesomeness, so here are some thoughts that will hopefully (a guy can dream, can't he?) make up for me missing Sunday and Monday the past two weeks.

First of all, the waiver deadline is tomorrow and an interesting idea was brought up by a friend. The Yankees will likely put most of their players on waivers whether it is reported or not. A.J. Burnett will likely be one of them. Say a team claims Burnett that is not a rival of the Yankees. Would you consider letting Burnett go?

The Yankees would have two options. Try to trade him, assuming the team actually wants him and isn't just blocking another team from getting him, or just give him away for nothing. (just like he Manny Ramirez deal)

While this is not going to happen, it's worth discussing. What would you do? If Burnett was claimed by a team like the Padres I would at least consider moving him. Just giving him away is a bad idea because when A.J. is good A.J. he is lights out. When A.J. is bad A.J. he's a liability. Let's just hope the Yankees get good A.J. for the rest of the year, as they really need him. The Yankees are in no position right now to give him away, but he isn't making them feel good about the contract.

Next topic is Joba Chamberlain. Going back to the Dan Haren trade the Yankees were not willing to trade him. The Yankees don't seem like they are going to make him a starter any time soon and if he remains inconsistent he isn't exactly the best candidate to succeed Mo. The Yankees hope he will become consistently the pitcher he was when he was first called up, but if he doesn't he is losing value by the day.

The Yankees can't keep players that won't become the way they always hoped they will just because they fear what they will do as a member of another team. That's not how teams should operate. Now I am not saying the Yankees should trade Joba.

What I am saying is unless the Yankees are planning on making him a starter (and they think he's a good one) or they plan on making him the future successor of Rivera they should have no problem trading a set up man for a potential All-Star. No matter how good set-up men become they are replaceable.

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------When I was on vacation the Yankees gave Zach McAllister away as the player to be named later in the Austin Kearns deal. While I love the job Kearns is doing so far, McAllister was once the 5th rated prospect in the Yankees system.

Maybe the team knows something I don't, but a player to be named later usually isn't that good. McAllister struggled this year in AAA, but the Yankees gave up on him way too quickly.

For the future it's worth remembering that the Yankees gave up Mark Melancon and Zach McAllister in two notable player to be named later deals this season. Let's not chalk up deals as wins until we find out the players.

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------As for September call-ups, not to call out Mark, but I would not DFA Wilkin De La Rosa to call up Jesus Montero. While Montero is extremely valuable, De La Rosa has potential. That being said, I wouldn't be against DFA'ing Reegie Corona or Chad Huffman.

I still don't see how the Yankees would give Montero much playing time. With Thames absolutely raking and Berkman returning, the Yankees have to get them at bats. Austin Kearns is also performing well of late.

Montero would have to take over Cervelli's starts and that's a bad idea. Yankees' pitchers are already struggling a bit and putting them with a rookie catcher is not going to help.

Let Montero ride out the year in AAA, as the Scranton Yankees will be a playoff team. Maybe call him up when the AAA season ends because he won't be getting any AAA at bats anyway, so riding the bench in the MLB won't hurt him at all. For now, give him at bats.

Here's my latest guess at who gets called up on Wednesday. Berkman will be activated from the DL, Golson, Albaladejo, and maybe one of Kevin Russo, Juan Miranda, or Colin Curtis.
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Speaking of Miranda, I'd like to take this chance to appreciate him. Seems like every year he's come up, done an adequate job, then the Yankees either get someone back or get someone batter. He rakes in AAA and without getting any true chance in the MLB is labled a AAAA type player.

Miranda will be a free agent at the end of the season I believe, and if he is I hope he gets a job in the MLB outside of the AL.

It's especially bad that his wikipedia picture is of him in AAA.
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hope those weren't too many thoughts at once!