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Blue Jays 8, Yankees 2: Rick Romero Is Good at Baseball

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Everything went wrong tonight.

The Yankees only managed 2 hits against Ricky Romero, and if one of those hadn't been a first inning Tex message, the Yanks would never have considered this game winnable.  The other hit was an infield chopper that Marcus Thames beat out.

Dustin Mosely threw less than 90 pitches and still pitched into the 8th inning, though he gave up four runs along the way, with 3 homers.

How bad was the Yankee offense?

Let's review:

Romero had 12 ABs of 3 pitches or less.

Romero threw 25 pitches in the first inning.  After that: 11, 9, 7, 17, 9, 9, 17, 13

Now, I know the Yankees had some line drives go right at Jays fielders, particularly their infield always seemed in perfect position.  But when your lineup sees single digit pitches in 3 different innings, it's going to be a long day.  Or a short one, considering the game was into the bottom of the eighth in under 2 hours.

At least Joe G couldn't pinch hit Austin Kearns for Brett Gardner tonight.

Play of the Game: T-Snide's two-run homer that somehow escaped the confines of the field (-21%).