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Around the Yankee Galaxy: Waiting for 600

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Alex Rodriguez was booed after grounding out to end last night's game -

... A small number of fans really did turn against Rodriguez, who’s gone 43 at-bats since his last home run with no sign of a breakthrough. His swing has become choppy and mechanical. Pitchers are challenging him without fear. Fastballs are beating Rodriguez in the heart of the strike zone...

He’s reached the age that, without chemicals and amphetamines, the muscles no longer fire as quickly. Recovery takes longer. He tires more easily. That, coupled with the stress of the last two weeks, A-Rod’s bat feels heavier, although he’s desperate enough for positive signs to have said, "I thought I swung the bat a little better [Monday]."

What worries me is that he's declined each of the last four years and still has seven years remaining on his contract. He's on pace to hit only 26 homers. This is not the A-Rod that signed that 10-year, $300 million deal in 2007.

Consider the standings in the American League East. When the number under "games behind" is greater than the number under "victories," times are really tough. As he spoke to reporters on the sixth floor of the Camden Yards warehouse on Monday, Showalter’s Orioles were 32-73 — a staggering 34 ½ games out of first place. They are on pace for a 49-113 record, which would be the worst in the history of the A.L. East.

I wish him luck, but not against the Yankees.

Saturday's game between the Rays and Yankees shattered the previous... record for a regular season Rays game, and the three-game series easily beat the previous three-game series ratings mark.

It was also the first three-game sellout in Tampa history. Weird that it took so long.

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  • I've actually heard people say that going from starting to relieving does not enhance fastball velocity. Phil Hughes refutes you -

You have increased velocity when you’re coming out of the bullpen, so any secondary or off-speed pitches are always more effective. Hitters will have to make up their minds quicker on whether they’re going to swing at it or not.

So there!