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Nova's First Win!

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Mood Music - That's The Way I Like It by KC and The Sunshine Band

This win felt really, really good, so forgive the celebratory mood music.  Since the beginning of last year, putting Alex Rodriguez and Mark Teixeira at the heart of our lineup has been at the center of our offensive prowess, and with both of them sidelined by the injury fairy, the Yankees were really going to have to scrap for runs.  To beat Gavin Floyd and the White Sox, we were going to need some of the background guys to step in and be contributors.

Enter Macrus Thames (I shall call him Marcus Bein' Marcus), Francisco Cervelli (I shall call him Cervelli), Ivan Nova, and the entirety of the bullpen (no longer the failpen).  Thames hit another tape measure shot (can he play every day, please? .858 OPS vs. RHP says he's not just a platoon player).  Cervelli was 4-4 with a big caught stealing, and the pitching was superb.

Ivan Nova earned his first career win with 5.2 innings of 1 run ball, allowing only 5 hits and one walk, and striking out 7.  He flashed the same ability to sit in the mid 90s and had a much sharper curveball than his start against the Blue Jays.  I always thought of Nova's makeup as more of a back of the rotation innings eater at best, but he has really flashed some exciting potential in his first two starts.

And the bullpen!  Girardi kept the kid gloves on Nova, and asked for 3.1 innings out of the bullpen.  Kerry Wood got out of a jam, Joba Chamberlain pitched 1.1 innings, looking very solid and lighting up the gun (100 MPH = ......ask Free), and Mo did his thing too.

Play of the Game: Juan Pierre's single to cut the lead to 2-1 increased the White Sox chances of winning by 11.2%.  For the Yankees, Marcus Bein' Marcus in the 2nd inning increased our chances of winning by 10.2%.

Comment Of The Game: Kevin L for his beautiful picture of Bobby Jenks.