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Yankees 12, White Sox 9

This is exactly the kind of win the Yankees needed in the midst of their recent struggles.  CC didn't have his best stuff tonight, but he was still able to go 7 innings as the offense, led by....Eduardo Nunez?.... provided him plenty of run support. 

Nunez was OPSing .550 heading into tonight, and now he's up to .860 after his 3-4, 4 RBI performance.  So yeah, he doesn't have a lot of at-bats this season, but it's about time a backup infielder starting hitting a little.  By comparison, Ramiro Pena has 5 RBI in the entire month of August. 

On the downside, David Robertson put up a stinker tonight, turning a 5 run lead in the bottom of the 9th into a save situation for Mariano, who came in and cleaned up the mess quickly. 

Play Of The Game: Jorge Posada's 5th inning, 2 out double increased the Yankees chances of winning by nearly 20%.  You don't see a WPA figure that high very often.

Quote Of The Game: goes to pastor2b, after some comments were made about CC eating the White Sox:

so if vegetarians eat vegetables, what do humanitarians eat?