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The Tools of Ignorance: Friday News

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Andy Pettitte throws a bullpen tonight that will go a long way towards determining when he'll be back.

Of course the Yankees don't intend to claim Hiroki Kuroda.  Coming from the Dodgers to the first place Yankees, he'd have to clear every team in the National League, and then every team in the American League.  Whether the Yanks would want him is another matter all together.

Building the case for Cano:

Robbie has been 2.5 WAR better than the next most valuable Yankee.  With the Yankees locked in a tight pennant race, if the Yankees take the AL East crown, Cano should be MVP.

If the Rays win it, I'll take Longoria.

Take Josh Hamilton away from the Rangers and replace him with a league average LF, the Rangers will still win the West.  Take Miguel Cabrera from the Tigers and they'll still stink.

Call me old fashioned, but I think the MVP should go to the position player who makes the difference for a winning team (unless someone has a historic season).