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Point: Counterpoint - Joe Girardi

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I think the Joe Girardi/Cubs rumors are the product of media spin, the efforts of sportswriters and bloggers to fill space and get people talking, and are not based on any factual (and very little logical) evidence. 

Yes, playing or managing in New York can be crazy.  It takes a special person to handle the 24-hour sports media cycle, the incessant pressure to win from ownership, and all the baggage that comes with wearing "NY" on your cap.  Nevertheless, the Yankees continue to attract the best baseball personnel because of their desire to win, and with deep pockets, a revamped farm system, and a smart front office, the Yankees are virtually guaranteed to field a competitive team every year.  In the end, that's the goal.  Unless you're Jeffery Loria or the owner of the Pirates, you want to win.

The Cubs, on the other hand, are probably going to have to spend the next few seasons digging out of the deep hole the current management team has dug.  They have a too many veterans who are good, but not great, signed to long-term, big-money deals; $98 million is committed for next season to a group of 8 players who have combined for a mediocre 10.3 WAR this season.  When your team payroll ceiling is around $150 million, that just isn't going to get it done.

With so much money committed to so few players, plus 7 arbitration cases this offseason, there's little financial room to improve the team  through the free agent or trade market.  They may have no choice but to bring back the same cast of characters that's currently playing .422 baseball, except that group will then be a year older, a year further removed from their peaks, and more injury prone.  The payroll commitment for 2012 improves, just $58 million to 5 players, but without any significant prospects coming up from the minors, they may simply wind up fielding a less-expensive uncompetitive team, or worse, repeat the same free agent mistakes. 

So how does it make any sense for Joe Girardi to go to Chicago?  Because they might field a competitive team in the third year of his contract?  The Yankees will offer him as much money as the Cubs do, and they can guarantee a winner right now.  He might have Chicago ties, but winning 4 World Championships in New York creates some pretty strong ties here as well.