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The Tools of Ignorance: Wednesday News

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The Boss will get a monument in Monument Cave on September 20th, before a game against the Tampa Bay Rays.

Maybe while Hank and Hal are down there, they'll realize what a cramped, half-forgotten mess Monument Park is in New Yankee Stadium and order an offseason renovation.

Plenty of people were surprised that Derek Jeter hit a ball over the fence last night, and it was a pretty sure thing.  I'm not as surprised.  While Jeter's Ground Ball Percentage is still an unwieldy 66% (versus his career mark of 57%), his Line Drive Percentage has rebounded, from 12.5% in May, to 17.2% now.  That line drive percentage is still a career low, but hopefully that's a sign that Jeter has made an adjustment.

I mentioned a few days ago that Cliff Lee's new contract could determine whether or not CC Sabathia exercises his opt-out.  Almost on cue, here's the report saying that CC is 100% sure he's staying in New York.

"I'm here," Sabathia said. "Hundred percent."

"I think you know I've built a house here, right?" he said. "My kids go to school here. We live here year round. So I'm not going anywhere."

I hope you're telling the truth big man.