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Yankees 11, Toronto 5: This is How We Strut in New York

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By the time I sat down in the 3rd inning to enjoy this game, I'd already missed RBIs by Mark Teixeira and Eduardo Nunez, and a Robbie Cano walk in the midst of a Tex, Thames and Posada home run barrage.  Dustin Moseley was well on his way to a sloppy 6IP, with only 2ER despite 9 baserunners.

The Yankees never stopped hitting, although the good pitching stopped when Chad Guadin arrived on the mound.

Of course, not even a Yankee win is a stress free proposition since Nick Swisher left the game in the 7th inning after fouling a ball off of his knee.

A bunch of bats getting hot at once is precisely what the doctor ordered for the Bombers. They'll be skipping Javier Vazquez and giving his start to Ivan Nova.  After that, anything's possible, though Nova will likely remain in the rotation to skip Phil Hughes once around as well.

Andy Pettitte will come back eventually, but not soon enough, ditto Arod and Berkman.

An early lead and a laugher to rest the bullpen makes me feel a lot better about the rest of the week.

Stay tuned, and I'll post an update on Swisher as soon as I hear something.

Update: Swisher was hit a little above the knee, not on the knee.  He's sore and day-to-day.  They'll evaluate him tomorrow.  I expect he'll either sit or DH.

Play of the Game: Timmah!'s 3rd inning, two run shot increased the Yanks' chances of winning by 10.3%

Comment of the Game: Captain_Mick's analysis of the distinction between Tex and Bautista's home run trots.