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You Know It's Bad When Cody Ransom Looks Good By Comparison

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We all know that the Yankees like Ramiro Pena for his defense and ability to play all over the field.  We also all know that utility infielders aren't supposed to hit that much. However, Pena is in the midst of an abysmally bad season at the plate, even by the low standards for utility infielders and backup catchers.  Heck, he's hitting poorly even by some pitchers' standards.

Thanks to, here is a list of all the non-pitchers in Yankees history who have come to the plate at least as many times as Pena has this season while posting an equal or lower OPS+:


I don't like to rag on my team, but good grief.  Yeah, it's just the 25th roster spot, but unless Pena's glove shoots lasers, or he has some superhuman power that we're unaware of, I have to believe that any AAA middle infielder with four limbs and a pulse could probably do a better job for the Yankees.

Get well soon, A-Rod.