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Yankees Lose a Weird One 3-2

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Called strike three!  8 inches outside!
Called strike three! 8 inches outside!

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Well, lots of strange things happened today in the first career start of Ivan Nova.  And Jose Bautista also happened (but I'll get to him later).  The Yankees took an early lead off of Brandon Morrow with a Robinson Cano RBI double in the first inning, and then some shoddy (but not necessarily unfair) umpiring took over.

First, Yunel Escobar singled to shortstop was called safe when he was clearly out.  Typically, the next hitter, the aforementioned Bautista, took Nova deep, the only blemish on the rookie's impressive debut.  Later in the game, the home plate umpire decided to follow Escobar into the field between innings so that he could flex his umpire muscles and eject him for being uppity.  Cito Gaston was understandably peeved and also made an early exit.  The Yankees would later tie the game on a Jorge Posada double, but Bautista provided the game winning home run off of David Robertson in the 8th.  Oh, and balls in the other batters box are strikes when you're a journeyman.

Now, to get into the, uh, "heightened tension."  The important thing to remember, kids, is that if you're Joba Chamberlain and you fist pump, you're an arrogant punk who disgraces the game, but if you're Jose Bautista, you can flip your bat, stare down the pitcher, celebrate on home plate, and fist pump around the bases, and you're showing passion and a competitive fire.  I don't really care what players do, the game tends to police itself (Bautista being thrown at was a surprise to Bautista and Bautista alone), but you better believe that if he played for the Yankees the word "classy" would have been said a few hundred times on ESPN.

Whatever, let's pay back our Northern Neighbors with some more victories, not any more beanball.  Bautista can flip his bat and stare down his television when he watches baseball in October.

Play of the Game: Bautista Part 2

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