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Getting Montero on the 40-man

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I've been thinking about how to get Jesus Montero on the 40-man.

There are two ways to open up a roster spot: moving a player to the 60-day DL or Designating a player for assignment.

Arod, Andy Pettitte, Lance Berkman, and Damaso Marte are all on the 15 day DL.  The Yankees expect each of those players back for the stretch drive.

Alfredo Aceves and Nick Johnson are on the 60-day DL. Chad Gadin is in Aceves' spot, while Chad Moeller is currently occupying NJ's spot on the 40-man.  Aceves should be back soon.  DFAing NJ wouldn't even open up a spot; it's Moeller who is active.  Because NJ was on the 25 man roster before hitting the DL, I believe he would be eligible for the playoff roster if he gets healthy.  If Johnson stays injured, I believe it would open up a playoff roster spot to any player on the 40-man roster, a la K-Rod in 2002.

I don't think there are many extra pitchers to DFA- Aceves will take Gaudin's spot, and all the minor league pitching (Brackman, Noesi, Nova and Sanchez) have improved their stock this year.

I suppose the Yankees could DFA Dustin Moseley when Andy Pettitte returns, rather than optioning him to the minors.

The other option is to bump one of the 9 outfielders from the 40-man roster.  Greg Golson and Colin Curtis are both relatively replaceable AAA outfielders.  I'm not sure what their current contract situation is, but whichever is a minor league free agent first (I think Golson), is a DFA option.  On the other hand, Golson could be a playoff pinch runner option.

After reviewing all the options above, I think getting Montero on the 40-man and into the show this season is only worthwhile if the Yankee brass feels he'll be getting meaningful ABs in October.  This means getting Montero up before September 1 so that he's eligible.  A September call-up would be nice, get his feet wet, etc etc.  But a versatile playoff bench is more important. With Thames, Kearns and Berkman all locks as DH/ bats off the bench, Nick Johnson a remote possibility, Golson/Curtis as a pinch runner, I don't see any way Montero will be used in October.

Leave him in the minor leagues.