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The Tools of Ignorance: Monday News

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Arod's on the DL and Ivan Nova will make his first MLB start tonight.  The rotation is headed for a reshuffle, so that AJ and Javy don't pitch on back to back nights, and there's no guarantee that Javy makes his next start.

But the real news is the standings and schedules.

The Yankees and Red Sox play 6 more times.

The Yanks and Rays play 6 more times.

The Rays and Red Sox play 6 more times.

The division is still up for grabs.

If the Yankees play .500 ball the rest of the season, they'd go 19-19 and finish 96-66.

The best record is baseball looks more and more likely to not come from the AL East.

While the Rangers have had a rough couple of weeks, falling 7 off the pace, the Twins seem to get better and better.  The Twins are only 5 back in the loss column- a lead that could evaporate while the AL moves to almost entirely in-division games.

While the Twins start a 4 game set with Texas tonight, and those teams have 7 more meetings, after that the schedule gets significantly more forgiving. 6 games with KC, 6 with Cleveland, and 6 with Baltimore.

The Blue Jays really have a chance to play spoilers down the stretch.

9 games with the Yankees, 6 with Tampa, 4 with Texas, 3 with Boston and 4 with Minnesota.

Of the Jays' final 39 games, 26 have playoff implications.  The playoff seeding, and maybe even the playoff participants, could hinge on how well Toronto plays for the next 6 weeks.