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Alex Rodriguez 'Day-To-Day'

Looks like it was one, or part of one, and done for Alex Rodriguez. The New York Yankees third baseman appears headed back to the bench for a while after leaving Friday's game with discomfort in his injured calf.

"I talked to Alex. I talked to our trainers. I talked to our doctors," he [Joe Girardi] said. " "Everyone felt that he was ready to go. We thought today was the day, and obviously it wasn’t."

Girardi said he did not know of any additional tests planned for Rodriguez and said he doesn’t expect Rodriguez to go on the disabled list.

"I’ve never had a calf situation before so it’s hard to gauge what you can play through or what you can endure," Rodriguez said. "I don’t know (about the disabled list). I’m just trying to play and do the best I can. It’s obviously not my decision."

This is not good, obviously. It points out the one hole the Yankees were not able to address at the trade deadline -- getting a corner infielder with some pop as protection in case of injury to A-Rod.