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Monday Morning Links

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Let's get right into this mornings links.

-Mike Ashmore has the scoop: Brandon Laird is heading to AAA. Laird hit .290 with 23 home runs and 90 RBI's for Trenton this season. Thunder manager Tony Franklin had an interesting quote (via Ashmore's twitter)

"Let's see if he's going to perform great at AAA. If he does, there's a chance he might be looking at MLB very soon."

-Ken Rosenthal reports that the Yankees, Red Sox, and Rangers were in discussion about a possible three way deal that would make Mike Lowell a Yankee. Pete Abe, you aren't as stupid as people thought you were.

-Kyle Farnsworth is happy to be pitching in a pennant race once again, writes Mark Bowman. It's been a full what, two or three years? Should work out quite well for the Braves.

-Jayson Stark, Jeff Passan, Bob Nightengale, and Joel Sherman all list their trade deadline winners and losers. Similarities in the first three? Yankees are winners. Rays are losers. Sherman doesn't list the Yankees or Rays as winners or losers.

-Andrew Marchand thinks the Yankees' trade deadline moves may signal the end to Curtis Granderson's and Joba Chamberlain's Yankees careers. I think Andrew Marchand should stop thinking.