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Yankees 9, Tigers 5

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Good teams win series. Really good teams win series even with Dustin Moseley on the mound. 

Moseley wasn't great tonight, but then again, 4 runs spread over 5 innings is about what you can expect from him at this point.  Thankfully, Jeremy Bonderman was worse, allowing 3 homers and 7 runs in 5 innings, which meant that the game was never really that close.

Joe Girardi decided to micromanage the bullpen after Moseley left the game, or maybe some of the guys just needed work.  In any event, 6 pitchers combined for the final twelve outs, and I'm having a hard time naming the Yankees relievers who didn't pitch tonight.  Sergio Mitre is it, I think.

Play of the Game: Tex's first inning 2-run homer upped the Yankees chances of winning by over 15%.

Quote of the Game: by Q-TDSK:

Sunday we were driving to South Austin and "Enter Sandman" came on the radio.  My wife said, "Sounds like Mariano’s getting in the car." I told her the ride was almost over. My son had no idea what we were talking about.