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Yankees 6, Tigers 2: It Gets Late Early

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Both hands on the bat, Journeyman!
Both hands on the bat, Journeyman!

I've been thinking a lot about the Yankees' recent struggles at the plate. 

Take out Arod's .330/.408/.534 May, and he's hitting about .245/.300/.480.  Jeter is having a career worst year in every category.  Granderson has been a disappointment (still one of the better CF in the game, but a disappointment).  Only GGBG and Swisher have truly had impressive seasons.

But tonight was the kind of night that makes you forget those details.

Every starter except Tex recorded a hit, and 5 guys reached base multiple times.

Sabathia gave up a run in the first and a run in the seventh, both on solo home runs.  In between, he allowed 3 baserunners and struck out nine.  CC's final line (7IP, 5H, 3BB, 2ER) is just another ho-hum, "I'm the ace of this staff and one of the best pitchers in the game" from the Cy Young contender (if anyone other than Cliff Lee gets a first place vote for the AL Cy Young, the entire voting system should be scrapped).

Robertson and Rivera closed it out.

Swisher delivered 2 RBI on a first inning, bases loaded single, and The Journeyman smashed a solo homer in the second.  In the 6th, GGBG turned a dying quail into a double, then scored on Jeter's single.  In the seventh, Cano led off with a homer, and later in the inning when Ramiro Pena came to bat with the bases loaded (HBP, 1B, BB), Pena delivered a sac fly.

The Yankees put a man on base in every inning until the 8th when they finally went down in order.  I know a lot of people have complained about the losses the last couple days, that those were games the Yankees 'should' have won.  But the Bombers were never in the last couple games.  Tonight's game was filled with opportunities to score, and with their ace on the mound, the Yanks delivered.

Play of the Game: Swisher's single in the first.

Comment of the Game: Pastor2b's contract suggestion for CC Sabathia.