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Will Jesus Montero Be A September Call-Up?

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Jesus Montero is on fire of late in Scranton. In his last 10 games Montero hit .405/.476/.757 with three home runs and six RBI.

Francisco Cervelli hit .100 with two RBI.

These two facts combined, along with the fact that Jesus Montero is one of the best prospects in baseball, and Cervelli - while being the amazing one himself - is a backup catcher, leads Yankees fans to believe Jesus Montero deserves a September call-up.

Does he deserve one? Yes. Will he get one? No. The Yankees were in the same situation last year with Austin Jackson. Sure, Jackson wasn't hitting home runs, and didn't have stats like Montero's, but Jackson gained nothing from playing in the playoffs with Scranton, while he could have gained experience playing in a pennant race with the Yankees. Montero is in the same situation.

Both Jackson last year and Montero this year were/are not on the 40-man roster. That's a minor road-block, but the Yankees are always reluctant to make room when it's not completely necessary.

When the Yankees traded for Lance Berkman it sent two messages to me. Marcus Thames and Francisco Cervelli were not good enough players to split time in the lineup, and Jesus Montero will not be a September call-up.

The Yankees will have no time to play Montero in the MLB, and what is the point sitting a top prospect on the bench in the MLB?

You never know with the Yankees, but don't bank on Montero being in the MLB.

Here are the players that I believe will be called up in September:

-Greg Golson, OF. Golson would be this years Freddy Guzman. Can't hit much, but tons of speed and a great player to have off the bench to pinch-run.

-Kevin Russo, IF/LF. This is purely a guess, but the Yankees really seemed to like Russo. Russo isn't hitting much in AAA, but his defense could get him back to the majors.

-Jonathan Albaladejo, RP. Do I even need to explain this one?

-Romulo Sanchez, RP. Call this a hunch, but the Yankees have been preparing Sanchez for a September call-up all season it seems.

Here are some other options that I am not so sure about, but wouldn't be surprised about.

-Juan Miranda, 1B. He always seems to be called up.

-Brandon Laird/Eduardo Nunez , IF. If the Yankees want an improvement over Pena offensively.

-Colin Curtis/Chad Huffman, OF. If the Yankees want an extra outfielder not named Kevin Russo.

-Royce Ring, LHP. Pitched very well this season in AAA, if Marte isn't back yet he stands a very good chance of being called up. Not on the 40 man.