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Monday Morning Links: Hope Week, Former Yankees, Current Yankees, Future Yankees

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Got back from Pennsylvania late last night. Missed the usual with the Yankees, a 3 home run game and a pitchers duel in which the Yankees were shutout. Heads up on my activity for the next couple of weeks, I will be going on a cruise of Europe from the 19th to about the 30th and will have no internet access. Edgware will be recapping Yankees games through emails for me, but I will not even see those until I return. Don't miss me too much! Here are the links.

-The Wall Street Journal takes a look at Hope Week.

-Steve Kornacki catches up with Austin Jackson and Phil Coke.

-Bill Madden writes about CC Sabathia's Yankee Stadium success.

-Rob Neyer opines that the Yankees will never be satisfied with a team of youngsters.

-Mike Ashmore pens a very in-depth piece about minor league baseball. It's a must read if you ask me.

I'll be at the Yankees game tonight, personally I will not be cheering for any Tigers. Thoughts on that subject? (Damon, Jackson, Coke)