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Around the Yankee Galaxy: When to expect Pettitte?

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38-year old bodies don't heal as quickly as they used to.
38-year old bodies don't heal as quickly as they used to.

Andy Pettitte "suffered a setback" and won't play catch until Tuesday. If that goes well, he'll pitch in at least one minor league game before rejoining the team.

  • Damaso Marte (remember him?) will throw off a half-mound today. He's been out since July 8th with "left shoulder inflammation." Boone Logan's been doing a great job as the LOOGY - would they really demote him to make room for Marte? The whole bullpen has been outstanding of late. When Aceves and Marte return, who gets the shaft? Gaudin, Mitre? Even they have been showing signs of life.
  • Johnny Damon expects to be cheered when he returns to The Stadium for a four-game series starting Monday -

I sure hope that they appreciate not only what I brought as a player but also helping them restore that championship quality...

They even showed me respect when I was with the Red Sox. They would say, ‘You are the one we like.' They liked (David) Ortiz, too. But they hated Manny (Ramirez) and everybody else.

Yes, Johnny, we appreciate what you did, but I don't know any Yankee fan that liked you or Ortiz as members of the Red Sox.