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Yankees 4, Royals 3

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Mood Music - Ten Years Gone by Led Zeppelin

Phew.  What looked like a laugher, with CC Sabathia looking "large and in charge" got a little bit hairy at the end when it turned into a struggle to get the elusive 27th out.  As Mariano Rivera was getting a much needed nap, David Robertson finally managed to nail down the save with a strike out of Jason Kendall.

The Yankees offense managed 10 hits, but the scoring was really scraped together in a "small ball" type of way (with the obvious exception of an Austin Kearns home run).  And while CC allowed 12 baserunners and only recorded 3 strike outs, he didn't labor too much.

Hopefully, the good vibes keep flowing tomorrow, and Dustin Moseley's two seam fastball keeps on sinking as he will face off against Kyle Davies.

Play of the Game: Grandy's RBI single, all the way back in the 2nd inning.


Comment of the Game goes to Yankees2 for looking up some new meanings of "DFA."  I have to admit, I hadn't heard of at least one of them.