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The Tools of Ignorance: Wednesday News

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Nothing better than playing 20 straight games, facing the Red Sox, the Rangers, the Royals, the Tigers, the Mariners and the Jays.  Oh, and Cliff Lee is pitching tonight.

Alfredo Aceves was unhittable last night.  Of course, he only worked 0.2IP and he walked two hitters while striking out one.  But no runs, no hits!

A little more time on rehab might be a good idea.

Jesus Montero added another homer as part of his 3-4 night.

Joe Girardi made an astute move, using his pinch hitter at a big spot, even though that spot came earlier in the game than normal.  It didn't work out, but credit where credit is due.

Even more noteworthy is that Mariano Rivera faced the heart of the lineup in the 10th inning.  I know that I spend as much time as anyone ridiculing the Book and Joe G.'s love of matchups, but I love that the Book recognizes that the team's best reliever belongs on the mound in a do or die situation.

Last night, we died, but I have nothing to second guess about the pitching.

Last night was the second or third time this season I've seen Jeter slide into first to avoid a collision with a fielder also diving to the bag.  I'd like to see him run through the bag, because every time he slides he pops up and trips over the prone fielder anyway.

Boston and Tampa both won, so the loss-column-lead is 1 over the Rays and 6 over the BoSox.