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Tampa Bay Rays 3, New York Yankees 0: Tip Of The Hat

Great game by Shields. No other way to put it.
Great game by Shields. No other way to put it.

The Rays out played the Yankees in every aspect of the game today. Tip of the hat to the Rays. James Shields was absolutely nasty in the Rays victory.

The Yankees got their first look at Kerry Wood and Austin Kearns. Wood pitched a scoreless inning two walks and three strike outs, while Kearns went 0-2. Lance Berkman went 1-4 with an unclutch ground into a double play in the top of the 8th.

Alex Rodriguez batted once, striking out in a pinch-hit appearance.

As said before James Shields was lights out and the Yankees lost because of it. Rodriguez will go for 600 at home tomorrow night against Toronto. Let's just hope they score more runs tomorrow night.

Play of the Game: Kelly Shoppach's run-scoring single in the second that deflected off Berkman's glove (-9.5%).

Comment of the Game: Kevin L. gets it for his call to Montero.