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Cliff Lee/Jesus Montero/Z-Mach overflow

Yanks have offered Montero, Adams and 3rd prospect. Now it's up to Seattle. I do think they'll agree, eventually.

- tweeted by Jon Heyman at 2:24 p.m.

Opinions really seem to be split.

Here's what we know for sure - You can't have Montero tie up the DH spot with A-Rod, Jeter, and others around, Teixiera blocks him at first base, and Nick Swisher and Brett Gardner, who are both really, really good and on team-friendly contracts, block him at the outfield corners. 

If the Yankees aren't 100% sure that Montero can catch in the bigs, there is nowhere for him to play

If this happens, Phil Hughes will not go back to the bullpen.  Javier Vazquez will get traded somewhere. 

Update by jscape (3:57): Joel Sherman now tweets that the trade is unlikely, and that the M's are "going in a different direction" because of the injury to David Adams.

Update by jscape (5:24): Looks like the Rangers will be getting Lee.