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Worried About Mo? The Question We Don't Want To Ask, Or Answer

If you are in the Northeast, I know you are looking for reasons to stay indoors and get out of the sweltering heat. So, let's look around the Inter-Google for some New York Yankee news and notes.

  • In the wake of Mariano Rivera's decision to skip the All-Star Game, Chad Jennings asks the question none of us really want to think about -- "Is there reason to be concerned"? The 40-year-old has side and knee injuries he has apparently been pitching through (and pitching brilliantly). Let's hope, no, let's pray, that Manager Joe Girardi is right when he says "it's nothing serious." Face it, no Mo, no 28th World Series title in 2010.
  • Gotta love the way Alex Rodriguez is swinging the bat. Two home runs and five RBI Tuesday night, pushing him to 597 (see the 'Countdown to 600' widget we have launched on the right sidebar), but I really wish he hadn't done that to me last night. A-Rod hit his first A-Bomb and I figured I better hurry up and create the 'Countdown' widget, since I had been intending to. Then, soon-to-be-50-year-old that I am I turned off the computer, got ready for bed, went to shut off the TV and -- bam!! -- another A-Bomb. You're costing me sleep, there Alex.
  • Jorge Posada just seems like a guy with a 'hit me' target on his hand these days. He took another foul ball off his already injured left hand Tuesday night. This time, though, he appears to have escaped further injury.
  • As I write this, Nick Swisher is back in front of Kevin Youkilis in the All-Star Voting. Get to and vote for Swish.
  • Great piece of work from Jeff Freier over at SB Nation New York. His 'Favorite Little People' is a look at some of his favorite 'small-ish' baseball players in New York baseball history. It's a fun read.