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Yankees 6, A-Rod 5, A's 1

Mood music - Easy Lover by Phil Collins (stickin' with Phil, as In the Air Tonight brought the W)

A-Rod was very, very good today in the Yankees 6-1 win, launching home runs 596 (grand slam, again) and 597 (solo shot) and providing all of the offense the Yankees would need.  Almost equally good was C.C. Sabathia, throwing 7.2 dominant innings, allowing 1 run and striking out 10.  David Robertson pitched very well to finish out the game.

Send Swish

Play of the Game: Tex being hit by a pitch to load the bases in front of A-Rod.  Because we all knew what was coming after that Tom Foolery.

Comment of the Game: GMan83201 for his firm, unwavering grasp of the obvious:

And sex > swimming in a pool full of razorblades and vinegar

Eloquent.  Moving.  (Maybe a tad shallow and pedantic, for you Family Guy fans).  We go for the sweep tomorrow with Good A.J. on the mound.  And here's the WPA graph: