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A Write Your Own Recap Thread!

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Mood Music - My special patriotic feeling on this 4th of July (which is something that should NOT be clicked if you have a problem with the F-Bomb, because there's like 108 of them) is America, F#$% Yeah from Team America, World Police.

Alright, so here's the deal.  I don't believe that anybody will be around, as it is the 4th of July, to write you up a nice recap (I have work, Brandon is doing whatever Brandon does, don't know about anybody else), but having a thread up is still fun, so I've got a great idea!

We play fill in the blanks after the jump.

Yankees ___________   Blue Jays ____________

Play of the game _________________

Comment of the game _________________

First of all, I threw up a little bit in my mouth when FreeBradshaw said ____________________________.  I was really upset when _____________ screwed the pooch, but ___________________ saved his backside from getting DFAd.  Actually, _____________ needs to be DFAd immediately, and ____________ needs to be traded for ___________.

If I hear John Sterling say "Strasburgian" one more time, I'm going to _____________________, and Suzyn Waldman can too.  And if these lazy PSA writers don't get up a real recap thread soon, I swear I'm going to ________________.

Get copyin' and pastin' and let's see who writes the best recap!  (Oh, and I know I've lead you along the path for some innuendo, but let's keep it PG-13 at worst.  And when any writer has a minute to turn this into a real recap, that'd be super!)