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Saturday News: The Tools of Ignorance

Phil Hughes made one mistake last night, but with no support from the offense, it cost the Yankees a game in the standings.  The Rays are now only one game back.

As you may have heard, Lance Berkman is on his way, but the deal is not official yet.  The Yankees are sending AAA reliever Mark Melancon and A- infielder Jimmy Paredes to the Astros.

The quieter deal is picking up Austin Kearns from the Indians to be a RH outfield bat able to play all three outfield spots.

Later today, Javy Vazquez will face the man who removed the Rays from the list of no-hitter-less franchises.  Which means, Javy has to be the man who made the Rays better than the Mets.

Only Swisher and Arod have hit Garza well over their careers.  So Javy will have to be good.

Oh yeah, the Red Sox lost.  So the Yanks and Rays maintained their leads in the Wild Card chase.  Just saying.