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Yankees Likely Getting Berkman

Update: 10:24 EST: Looks like righty reliever Mark Melancon is the price for Berkman. I wouldn't exactly call Melancon, 25, a non-prospect. Pretty obvious, though, that the Yankees' opinion of Melancon had changed in the last year or so.

Update: 5:42 EST: Not sure what this means, but it sounds good. Ken Davidoff is assuring Yankees fans that the Astros will receive "non prospect minor leaguers" in return for the switch hitter.

Update: 5:37 EST: Seems like Berkman really wants to be a Yankee, according to Jeff Passan. The only real hitch is last minute details. (I'm sure the Astros and Yankees have agreed on who goes to the Astros, we just don't know who it is yet) Meanwhile, Bob Klapisch thinks the Yankees have more deals in the works.

Update: 5:31 EST: Ken Rosenthal is on top of the situation. Since Berkman has 10-5 rights, he is required to take 24 hours to approve or reject the deal (like a no trade clause). He has already approved of it, but the trade can't become official until tomorrow.

Update: 5:20 EST:Mark Feinsand says it will not be a top prospect going to the Astros. Ken Rosenthal reports the move will be strictly a rental and Berkman will not be under contract for next season. Frankie Piliere reports names like Ivan Nova or David Adams could be going to the Astros in the deal.

Joel Sherman is reporting that the Yankees will likely be acquiring Lance Berkman of the Astros soon. If this goes through, I really like this deal. Sure, Berkman is struggling somewhat this year, but he is the new Nick Johnson, minus the fragile walk machine label. Berkman is a proven veteran, that if healthy and effective, is a star. Maybe a change of scenery and being reunited with former teammate Andy Pettitte will work well for Berkman.

More to come.